The Cosmic Dust is Blinding

In & out.
Continue life independently,
Until someone comes along.
Someone that won't care.
Someone that can see me.
Nurture me.
Push me.
Someone that can love me.
Someone that will never refer to my beauty or body.
Someone that will listen to my words but understand what I'm actually saying.

Someone began to bloom in front of me after a night under the stars.
I'd spent my time seeing him in black & white
But suddenly his shades began to turn into hues of purple & yellow,
Green & blue.
They blurred together
& a cosmic rainbow was all I could see.
We took a trip to the Milky Way
And glided along the cosmic dust.
The star's were our lightway
And the moon was our destination.
But we've gotten lost in this immense universe
And are dancing in spiral swirls.

The destination has been forgotten
And the journey is all we care to see,
In this infinite universe,
On this cosmic plane, 
With my special mate,
In the Milky Way.