Uncertainty of meaning
Mind- Boggler
Cliff- Hanger

I was once called an enigma,
and didn't know what to say.
The experience was etheral but to hear that I embodied it,
shakes me to my core.
As a child I turned fields of ivy into vast oceans.
I transformed from a confused little girl into a strong and terrifying pirate.
I made voyages down streams as we steered Baby Bottle Pop steamers.
Meadows became race courses,
and floors became lava.

Somwhere along the way houses became prisons and parents became villans.
The city became an escape to a neverland that I craved to explore.
My imagination got lost in drunken dazes and forgotten nights.
The lights blinded my dreams and I was lost.
My search has been long to rediscover a part of me that has been lost for so long.
But as everyday passes the sky shines a little brighter
and flowers begin to turn back into fairies.
I'm rediscovering my childhood,
But am I really discovering myself?

I see it as I stare at my reflection.
I stand a little taller,
My eyes are softer but more mature.
I look confident but relaxed.
I don't know where this enigma came from
I love learning more about her everyday.
I adore her imagination and sense of calm.
I'm enchanted by her undefeatedness.
I yearn to know where she came from and where she is going.
But most of all I hope to walk hand in hand with her the whole way there.