Dark Side of the Moon

I see a silver lining in the dark side of the moon.
Violet stars at midnight.
The street lights blind the rest of the sky,
And all you can distinguish in the yellow haze
Is a massive rock,
That controls the tides,
And releases werewolves into the night.
This huge rock that spends it's days hiding from our sight
Only to appear in slivers as the night's approach.

From time to time a full face is shown
And us mere mortals are blessed to experience the visual of a rock
That floats in the sky and controls our lives more than we can ever imagine.
And as we dance in burning circles and take our psychadelics in an attempt to understand What goes on above
The dark side of the moon creeps over,
Creating a blackness I could get lost in.
But a light from unknown lands touches it's skin and ignites a life
That fights the dark side as violets and aquamarines illuminate.
Crevices and imperfections are revealed,
But so is a truth.
A truth that can only be found in the silver lining
Of the dark side of the moon.