That Light in the Distance

Hope is my addiction.
 Heroine to my veins. 
Without hope I couldn't exist. 
 God. Allah. Nirvana. The lotus flower.
 Hope is that uncovered light bulb igniting the room. 
It's that last flower on the tree before fall. 
It's that aderall and coffee all-nighter.
 It's the quarter you find in the depths of your glove compartment when going through the toll.  

Isnt' it funny that we spend our lives in feats and attempts to own tangible possesions but in the end what gets us there are the most important intagible things in life:
A conversation 
An inexplicable feeling.
  Hope is the most significant intangible energy out there. 
It keeps nations together,
 societies at peace, 
a couple in a bad relationship, 
someone at a job they hate. 
Hope keeps people faithful to a religion. 
That there actually is something out there.
 That this is all for something larger. 
In our lowest points in life we continue to keep hope ignited that there is a plan for us
This isn't the end.
 A psychological coping device if you may. 
Many people spend their lives hoping for money 
To lead to material possessions.
 As a fashion major 
trust me,
 I love my material possessions. 
But it saddens me when my college peers tell me they don't know what they want to do with life. 
They know they want to make lots of money doing it. 

I hope for people to have hope.