The Man Behind the Dream

As I was going through my documents folder I found this snippet of a dream I had written over a year ago. I thought it was quite lovely and wanted to share it. 

My dream last night was beyond words.

It was romantic, captivating, graceful, serene. 
It was the most heart wrenching love story I’ve ever been apart of.
Some how I ended up in a Russian ballet play as one of the leads partnered with a mysterious man. But he was so inviting and immediantly I wanted to touch him and hold him. We had a dance series to do and I told him that I didn’t know the dances so he pulled me aside, pulled me so close to him as though he just wanted to be near me, feel my heart beat against his. Our lips touched the whole time he lead me. 

We went on stage and I was a mess but it didn't matter because we were doing it together, because I was doing it with him. Off stage we talked of bringing him with me wherever I was going and we embraced each other.
Held hands.
Then we were off. 
He was ahead of me, and the next thing I knew the dream had switched. 
I loved him.
I wake up and I still love him.
I love him for his utter and unquestionable love for me.

It’s calming.