Digestion Cycles

Alone time is quiet time.
Not a word is said, nor should it be.
Silence is the serenity that will hold this together.
My mouth seems to grow to monumental proportions each day,
And your words seem to come in by the milions as we grow closer.
But in the moments of silence I can learn to digest:

The moment that I look at your back and watch your should blades rise and fall.
The moment I can feel your hip bone against mine, and even though it kind of hurts I love it and would never tell you to stop.
The moment where I wake up and find your arm wrapped around my waist or your fingers linked in mine.

Our moments aren't always in sync and I find myself in awkward timing,
Where a response is expected by my throat stays dry and my mind is blank.
My tongue has no plans on moving and all I do is stare at you.
You stare me back down and assume I'm being cheeky,
But I'm digesting.

When silence finds it's perfect timing in our lives I cherish the serenity.
It may seem quiet but my mind is loud and the disgestion is consuming.
My mouth may be big and my words may seem affluent,
But the silence is my zen and the strongest bond I can every hope to hold with you,
My other.