You May Think

That I want to be close to you, but I'd really rather drink some whiskey. 

As people we spend our lives trying to be the best. Maybe not the best in a certain field or group, but at the least the best of ourselves. We spend years studying and reading, learning, solving, competing, fighting....we fail, succeed, try again. We spend x hours a week going to the gym, eating well, keeping ourselves at our physical peak (or whatever your peak may be to all you lazy ones out there.....). Our paths may change, but at the end of it you put all of you in it because that's all you can do. 

But how is it that we can be the most physically and mentally capable things on this planet, although when we have a broken heart we can't even manage to get out of bed. It's as though our souls are sucked out of us. All of our strength has suddenly dispersed and we don't even know what to do with ourselves. We pace our rooms, lay on our beds/floors/couches/porches and stare up endlessly looking for something that we know isn't there. We're not sure where we're going or what we're doing, or even what we want to do, but we continue..... How is it that as individuals we are so strong, but when you find someone who you think will make you stronger and things disintegrate your suddenly broken. A broken heart is the most dangerous weapon out there. It can ruin a day, a year, an individual.