It's not a Bank Statement

Swag. What is it? How can you get it? Can you get it or is it a pre-born state that only a few are given? I've been considering what exactly swag is and why is it so damn appealing? It seems to me that so many men attempt to gain "swag" not because of the mind set and philosophy of swag itself, but for the bank account statement that is so often attached to it. Rappers now-a-days are constantly referred to having swag, and I am in complete agreement. It's not that rappers always had swag, but they have confidence, and that is 95% of what swag is all about. A confidence that despite your personal, social,financial, or private matters you still have complete and undoubted confidence in yourself and everything you are. Not to mention a great walk and style. Although the thing about swag is that you don't have to have money to have style, but isn't that the definition of style? 

You may not be the next Big Sean, but trust me when I say everyone will want to find out who you are. Your swag will confuse them, and that's another part of swag, mystery. You don't want people to know to much, do you?