It's The Weeknd

That's without an "e".  In case you haven't heard yet the newest R&B group from Canada, The Weeknd, are seeming to become the next big group, especially in the R&B world with their slow, candle-light, sex filled tempos and mix of electronic beats. Whether you think their music is revolutionary or trash I ask you to take note to their cover art that accompanies each song on their most current mix tape, House of Balloons. I love the use of lighting and how much it influences the image by making the scene seem less about the person in it and more about a haze of drugs, infatuation, alcohol, parties, lust, and anything else that comes to mind. When these images are paired with their corresponding track the scene comes to life in your mind, and that's what makes a good artist last I checked. So for those of you living under a rock go download The Weeknd and try to tell me you're disappointed after listening.