It's All Just A Hunting Game

 As a free lance model I'm required to put my own effort into getting my photo's back from shoots, however there are always times where some photo's just seem to be harder to get back than others. This can be for various reasons from busy schedules, lack of communication, etc and so on. The point being after a little hunting yesterday I found photo's from a shoot I did almost a year ago for Mixon jewelry by Anna Mixon. With the help of screen snap shots I provide you with the amazing chain pieces by Anna Mixon. In less than a year since starting her company up she has had her pieces on Nicki Minaj in the "Monster" music video and Haley Williams from Paramore at the Grammy's 2010, along with having her first own fashion show this year in New Orleans.

On a fashion note I was beyond excited to do this shoot as I've been obsessed with chains anything for as long as I can remember. One of my favorite pieces from this collection that I've yet to see anywhere else is her chain garter's.

 Anna Mixon, one of the models for her own collection, hand makes every piece and her creativity is beyond amazing with her abilitiy to take harsh chains that are generally seen as tough, unbreakable, strong, and to make them into a delicate and such feminine piece makes her work just up my ally. See more of Mixon's pieces here. But enjoy her promotional video as well......