Fashion Rocks: Classical Music Status

Hahn-Bin is not only a child prodigy in violin, but he is one of the most fashion forward artist and person I have ever laid eye’s upon. After seeing his profile in V magazine and stupidly enough cutting the picture out but not writing down his name or even googling him I’ve been staring at him for months trying thousands of combinations of descriptions, etc. to find out who he is. Today was the lucky day that I finally found him, Hahn-Bin. Age 22 now he has performed with every major orchestra in the world, made a European debut tour at 16, has had a performance in the MoMA and at Carnegie Hall, and on top of all of that he opened for the Louis Vuitton store during Fashion Night Out last year. Now why would a violinist be performing during fashion week at a major event? Have you seen him? Quoted from the New York Times he states, What I choose to wear or how I choose to express myself visually is equally important as the music itself. Fashion teaches spiritual lessons. It has taught me who I am and showed me what I didn’t know 
about myself.”

Hahn- Bin has also walked the runway while performing for Elise Overland. And for all of you out there who feel like you’ve been teased on in school look at what he Hahn has to say about his school boy hood, “His classmates didn’t understand why he studied the work of the musician Björk and the photographer Nick Knight along with Kreisler and Dvorak. ‘They would tease me endlessly.’” Hahn-Bin has said that his use of fashion is a part of an attempt to make classical music (“the new underground genre”) significant to a group of young people who may have been dragged to concerts by their grandparents.