Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

This has been a thought that's been provoking my mind for several months now and I've been meaning to find the right way to word this post, but after getting back photos from Octopustudio I finally found the perfect picture combination to go along with my explanation of my alter ego. 

Now I'm not sure if I'm the only one, (and if so then please keep it to yourself and allow me to continue living my double sided life in ignorance), but as I'm discovering who I am I've come to realize that myself includes not 1 but 2 selves. I have my frail and vulnerable side that spawns from my damn near perfect child hood in the country, my desire for hope less romanticism, a desperate grasp for dreams of lavish settings in condos in the city, and a basic need for pure, uninhibited, unconditional love. 

Then I have my fierce, bitchy side. Originating from a need to feel strong and empowered while being criticized in all my careers, on a daily basis for my attire, and on a personal level for coming off innocent and weak because of my pale skin and red hair. I'm not sure what it is that people see in gingers that makes them seem more vulnerable than a brunette, but trust me when I say it happens all the time. It's easy for me to recognize where these two sides of myself come from psychologically, but I find it intriguing that I've managed to create two completely opposite persona's for my life and how much they've affected my modeling, styling, and my personal social life. 

My question to you: Do you have another side?