Nike Slogan's at Their Best

I think the issue with a lot of people isn't that they can't reach their goals, but they don't know what their potential is. I've meet some people in my life that I find to be extraordinary. They've inspired me to become who I am today and sadly they have no idea. Not that I haven't told them, but they don't see the qualities in themselves that I saw in them all along. I'm not sure why this crossed my mind today, but it depresses me a little to know that there are hundreds of thousands of people out there that could change the world, change the people around them, and they have no idea. I can see how it's difficult to keep from crossing the line of bragging and just recognizing the talents you have, and modesty is usually the winner in this decision, but I want to say that if your good at something then please go for it. Talk about it, take action on it, collaborate, work your ass off, take criticism with heed, and don't give up. No matter how many times your told your terrible, you'll never make it, or how many times you doubt yourself don't stop. I may not be meant to be the next top model, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't keep doing it. Over 3 years of modeling and I've been shut down by every agency in Miami, Atlanta, New York, and Chicago but I'm still getting jobs.........if that isn't proof enough that industries don't always know what their talking about then I'm not sure what is.