Another Day

Just believe, just breath.

Spring break for us down here in South Florida is right around the corner (i.e. exactly 4 days away, not that I'm counting or anything...). What does that mean? Finishing tests, papers, photography projects, packing for vacation travels, and final jobs before I disappear for a week. With that in mind I leave you with images of how I hope to see  my (and hopefully your) spring break takes me...

Note: To try and make this an interactive spring break and bring the community of the blog together feel free to email me pictures of your spring break to and I will be doing a post on the best images sent. I want nothing less than debauchery, random-ness, and a full fledged spring break experience that will never be forgotten. We're young, life is short, and the world is apparently coming to an end in 2012 so make it count!