If you haven't noticed I have added a bit to the title of this blog. After reading the Madcap Clothing's description of itself I couldn't seem to get that quote out of my head, "If you can't be good, be stylish". It has such a raw feel to it. We all have our bad sides to ourselves, whether your willing to admit it or not. I made this blog because I made mistakes and now I am in the pursuit of redeeming myself and getting back on track towards New York. Throughout the whole time though style has always been there for me. Whether I am going through a rough time, a happy time, a content time, whatever it may be my clothes have always been there for me. And no, I do not mean in the materialistic way but more so that it's as though I always have creativity and design and some sort of magical art form that I am able to wear on my body every day. I am able to pursue characters and theatrics through my clothes and I find that to be absolutely amazing. It lifts my spirits or allows me to express my feelings through material. Now if you are reading this blog in the first place I can only assume that you are either a) interested in fashion or art of some sort and you probably know me or b) you are here for the moments I put up naked pictures (and if that is the case then I believe you are quite immature and in no way do I promote that sort of intolerance).

Getting dressed up every day is my daily confidence battle. I'm basically proving to myself every day that I CAN wear whatever outfit I want and not shy away because of being scared. I take the stare and faces but with my head held high. I could easily become a wall flower and dress in a demur way seeking conformity, but I don't. And it's not that I'm trying to point it out and highlight it however it has been brought up very often recently and I have been giving a lot of thought to why I do put such thought into my outfit each day. Thus I feel a need to explain myself to silence the matter.

So getting back to the quote, I won't always be perfect, I'm going to make mistakes I already know it. But just because I make mistakes it doesn't make me a failure. We learn to persevere and work our asses off to show the world that we can do what we do. So I think the statement "If you can't be good, be stylish" is more of a metaphor: you can't always be perfect, mistakes will happen, but you'll always have your passion. And that's what this blog is about. Passion.