Imagination Land

As a model it's your job to know what kind of photos you want to go into your book (portfolio), and thus what type of model you want to market yourself as. For those of you that have no idea what I'm talking about when I say what "type" of model, I'll give you the run through of the main different types of models:
  • Commercial- i.e. Cover girl, lifestyle, etc
  • Fashion- Editorial, high fashion, runway
  • Glamour- pin up, calendar, men's magazines
Personally I am in the process of building my portfolio to market myself as a fashion model. Since I am a freelance model (meaning that I do not have an agency and run my own career) I have the ability to pick what photographers I want to work with, but that also means that I have to find the photographers as well and be very picky on which ones I choose. I recently came across the photographer Anjelica Martinez. A few acquaintances of mine have worked with her and all of their photos came out phenomenal, thus inciting me to do some website stalking on her.