"When a people begin to perish for apathy, indifference, or a lack of vision, a voice of leadership must arise. From the squalor of a contaminated moral environment must surface an honorable few unafraid to challenge mediocrity and change the direction of the world. Let us be among those brave few.

The world's people are in peril. We no doubt live in a noisy, nub, narcissistic age. The talents and attentions of the majority are not invested in personal mastery and social responsibility but squandered on games, voyeurism and base sensationalism.

We have recklessly abandoned what truly matters - the striving to be great as individuals and as a society - for the glamour and thrill of speed, convenience, and vain expression, in a kind of humanity-wide midlife crisis. Gone are the big visions; here are the quick wins and the sure things. Effort has lost out to entitlement. 

There is a confused complacency - everyone knows there is more for us, but it's just too much trouble to organize ourselves to chase it. It is easier to indulge in our comforts, our profits, our easygoing ways. Such habits have reduced our individual greatness and led to a world-wide failure in leadership. 




And now we are at a fascinating place where billions of us so desperately want the world to improve, and we want something to give to, to believe in, to fight for. We are looking forward to contributing our creativity and sweat and fire to something that matters, to something that improves our lives and the lives of others. 

There is no great philosopher or leader who has not taken care to remind us that we must be the change we seek in the world.


We are now tired of waiting. So let us lead. 

All text taken from The Motivation Manifesto by Brandon Burchard