75 Degrees Fahrenheit

Despite the fact that it has decided to rain all week and drop down to the mid 60's here in New York overall I think that we can all agree that it's almost officially summer again. The sun is out, the birds are chirping, your hair is frizzy and your shirt is stuck to your skin as soon as you walk out the door. Oh summer time... Despite it's obvious downsides there's a lot to be appreciated about this time of year especially in New York, a city that is haunted by a gloomy haze of black and grey wardrobes for more than half the year. But in these next few months we will begin to see people show off their most colorful (or only colorful) sides and I for one can't wait for the eye candy and primary color range.

For the past few weeks I've been photographing one of my oldest friends from pre-school and now signed fashion model Lauren Karaman at MSA Models. One of our recent creative expenditures was inspired by summer and the color explosion we are about to encounter. After some research I came to find out that apparently the perfect summer day is considered to be 75 degrees Fahrenheit and what the temperature was supposed to be today but clearly the weather app on my iPhone is not to be trusted. However Lauren sure can along with the creative genius of makeup artist Christine Geiger and a little ingenuity I am happy to share with you all 75 degrees Fahrenheit.




MODEL  Lauren Karaman @MSA Models

MAKEUP ARTIST  Christine Geiger


STYLIST  Ashley G Garner