Status Symbols

I've never been one for labels on my clothing. Its always felt unnecessary and rather annoying in all honesty. I could never understand the logic of someone wearing a hat from Supreme that says Supreme on it and then not only not getting paid for it but rather THEM paying for it and becoming a walking billboard for fucking Supreme. I mean seriously WTF. Same goes for Louis Vuitton bags, Chanel chains, Kenzo sweaters, Nike shoes, so on and so forth. Unless you are being paid by the company to walk around as an advertisement for them or you made the fucking brand why would you do it?!?!? Literally people by the hoards are walking around the city paying brands to do free advertisement for them. In fact it's not even free advertisement because we are losing money and they are making even more money from us buying their shit and promoting other people to buy their shit and now we just have a huge stinking pile of, you guessed it, shit. 

Don't get me wrong, I understand brand loyalty and fully support it. I also get the whole concept of status symbols and people buying a Louis Vuitton bag to represent a certain lifestyle they do live or want to live but this is not about either of those things. This is about fast fashion, trends, fads, mindless shopping and blind label rep-ing.

The other day I was walking to the subway and there was a guy posted up outside wearing a Supreme logo-ed hat with a Nike logo-ed shirt, Levi logo-ed pants and Reebok logo-ed shoes. Of course his demeanor was attempting to be one of detached cool-ness but it was clearly anything but. I don't understand why anyone would want to be caught in such an embarrassing display of empty consumerism. It says nothing more to me than "Look! My personality is so bland and uninteresting that I need these labels to reassure you that I'm a cool person. I swear I know all the best places to shop."

Maybe you guys have another opinion on the matter. If so please voice, I love a challenge.