The Aftermath

It's been a little over a week since The Experiment and like any traumatic experience the PTS is kicking in and effecting me in ways I didn't see coming. 

I'm finding myself gravitating towards black jackets, hats, jewelry and overall accent pieces; something that doesn't sound like a big deal to the rest of the world but is quite new and scary to me. Compare this to my past behavior of pairing neurotic and acidic colors to complete an outfit and you'll see that I have definitely changed in one way or another after my week of all black power dressing. This isn't a good or bad thing, just an interesting thing that has me over analyzing every single move that I make. Like an amoeba in a petri dish except I'm the amoeba and my petri dish is my wardrobe in New York City. 

Anyway's these are some photos that I took last weekend while meandering around the neighborhood. This moto-jacket is becoming my go to blazer once fall hits. My friend who is letting me borrow it for doesn't realize this yet but she is never getting it back ;) Also think I'm gonna need to get a mini motor-bike to match the jacket and of course have braids in my hair at all times. Perhaps an ornate septum and ear-to-nose chain to top it all off. Thoughts?