Declaring War

There's a war going on out there and half of you are spending it hiding in the ditches. As our world becomes saturated with visual pollution more and more with each passing day it is our job as the consumer's of this information to know when to call out the mediocrity and from where I'm standing the mediocrity keeps winning the upper hand. 

I am a solider in the war on visual pollution and I stand on the battlefield with unapologetic confidence. My army spends endless nights scheming tactic plans and our days fighting tirelessly. We may be laughed at, gawked, mocked, misunderstood, rejected, subjected, provoked to give in and give up but we never do. 

Our will is strong and our heads are hard and we are a force to be reckoned with.

So to all of you with your heads in the sand I invite you to see the light and join us. It will be hard, you will come out with wounds and will probably never be the same again but the most important characters in this life are seared with scars and a little blood never hurt anyone.