Last Thursday night was the opening of 27 year old painter Lina Viktor's first solo exhibit at Gallery 151 and it was an experience that has one feeling more enlightened about life even if it is just superficially. For the ones that are paying attention to the acute details in the work there is a heavy use of mathematical and astrophysical equations and inspiration prevalent in the symbols that Lina chooses for her paintings. Interested in the golden age "Arcadia" explores the origins of gold and more grandeur ideas with “infused with divine geometry, ancient Greek symbols, and Baroque tracery.” The one self portrait that is featured in the exhibit is of such nobility and opulence that it makes it impossible to separate Lina the artist from Lina the idea and as a result made it rather intimidating to approach the artist who is in fact one of the sweetest and most humble people you will ever meet. 

Arcadia will be on display at Gallery 151 ( 132 West 18th Street ) until July 10th.