Gallery 151 

New York, NY

July 27 - September 11th, 2017

In collaboration with Wallplay, Garner created six multi-sensory meditation stations that explored the scale of the Solfeggio Frequncies. Each station featured looping video and audio, a still image from the video, flowers that corresponded to the video, as well as an essential oil blend, and color filtered light that connected with a corresponding chakra. Visitors were seated on meditation cushions in front of each video and immersed into the world of each Solfeggio Frequency.

Featured Artworks


International Fine Art Consortium

The Yard : LES

New York, NY

October 25th - April 20th, 2018

Collaborating with The Yard, a traditional work space environment, Ashley G. Garner and IFAC were challenged with the task of seamlessly incorporating images and videos from Garner's series, SYNÆSTHESIA, into a non-traditional viewing space. By working with such an environment Garner explored ways of transcending the gallery white-walls and uncover ways to have a thoughtful and artistic experience in an environment that does not generally explore such conversations.




Superfine! The Fair



New York | May 4th - 8th

Washington DC | October 31st - Nov. 4th



New York | May 4th - 8th

Art Basel Miami | December 6th -10th


In Bloom | feat. SYNÆSTHESIA

The Quin Hotel | New York

May-July, 2018

co-curated by Lori Zimmer & DK Johnston

featuring Nick Cave, Ron English, Logan Hicks, Icy & Soot, COPE, c215, Logan Hicks, Beau Stanton, Crash, Joanne Leah, Annika Connor, and more.



Voyage on the Vessel | feat. SYNÆSTHESIA

Bushwick, New York

June 18th, 2018

On a broken down boat in the middle of summer in a canal in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Garner collaborated with art collective OSMUNDA and Future Clear to create a meditating oasis for the community to escape the shackles ofcity life and spend an evening relaxing to ambient sound vibrations, dancing, food, performance art, and a SYNÆSTHESIA lounge where videos played on loop all evening.



A Spring Awakening | feat. SYNÆSTHESIA

Ludlow House | New York

April, 2018

A weekend long event hosted in the lounge of Ludlow House, NY,  designers, painters, and performance artists co-collaborated to create a an immersive retail and art experience to launch off the Spring season.

The lounge area hosted an ongoing loop of SYNÆSTHESIA with a live performance by ALURIA on opening night.