Ethereal Bodies

Wilson Gallery | Georgetown College

Georgetown, Kentucky

October 10th - November 10th, 2018

Ethereal Bodies is a glimpse into three bodies of work that Garner has created in collaboration with a variety of artists from 2015 - 2018 in Brooklyn, NY. All three bodies of work (Study Sessions, SYNÆSTHESIA, and ÆSTHESIA) share a common theme of wellness and an exploration of the mystery in the natural world.

“Art has always been a form of therapy for me and as my work has continued to develop I have begun to shift its focus into creations that can not only be beautiful to look at but also be something much more. Whether it be videos of flowers that can lower blood pressure and muscle tension by watching them, audio of specific sound vibrations that triggers your body to release oxytocin, or photos of fish and plant life taken during a session of personal therapy time; all have transcended into work that is healing in some way; a way to help make people actually feel better emotionally, mentally, and physiologically, and a way to connect with the natural world around us in new ways.”

Featured Artworks



Gallery 151 

New York, NY

July 27 - September 11th, 2017

In collaboration with Wallplay, Garner created six multi-sensory meditation stations that explored the scale of the Solfeggio Frequncies. Each station featured looping video and audio, a still image from the video, flowers that corresponded to the video, as well as an essential oil blend, and color filtered light that connected with a corresponding chakra. Visitors were seated on meditation cushions in front of each video and immersed into the world of each Solfeggio Frequency.

Featured Artworks


International Fine Art Consortium

The Yard : LES

New York, NY

October 25th - April 20th, 2018

Collaborating with The Yard, a traditional work space environment, Ashley G. Garner and IFAC were challenged with the task of seamlessly incorporating images and videos from Garner's series, SYNÆSTHESIA, into a non-traditional viewing space. By working with such an environment Garner explored ways of transcending the gallery white-walls and uncover ways to have a thoughtful and artistic experience in an environment that does not generally explore such conversations.




Superfine! The Fair



New York | May 4th - 8th

Washington DC | October 31st - Nov. 4th



New York | May 4th - 8th

Art Basel Miami | December 6th -10th


In Bloom | feat. SYNÆSTHESIA

The Quin Hotel | New York

May-July, 2018

co-curated by Lori Zimmer & DK Johnston

featuring Nick Cave, Ron English, Logan Hicks, Icy & Soot, COPE, c215, Logan Hicks, Beau Stanton, Crash, Joanne Leah, Annika Connor, and more.



Voyage on the Vessel | feat. SYNÆSTHESIA

Bushwick, New York

June 18th, 2018

On a broken down boat in the middle of summer in a canal in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Garner collaborated with art collective OSMUNDA and Future Clear to create a meditating oasis for the community to escape the shackles ofcity life and spend an evening relaxing to ambient sound vibrations, dancing, food, performance art, and a SYNÆSTHESIA lounge where videos played on loop all evening.



A Spring Awakening | feat. SYNÆSTHESIA

Ludlow House | New York

April, 2018

A weekend long event hosted in the lounge of Ludlow House, NY,  designers, painters, and performance artists co-collaborated to create a an immersive retail and art experience to launch off the Spring season.

The lounge area hosted an ongoing loop of SYNÆSTHESIA with a live performance by ALURIA on opening night.