Dress-Up With Danny

Last weekend I had the pleasure to shoot with photographer Danny Lane. The shoot consisted of several of Danny's film cameras and one digital camera of which he never even pulled out. We used my apartment and neighborhood as the location and ended up spending several hours playing dress-up. I really love when photo shoot's just organically happen like that and I am so pleased with the results and apparently so was Modo Magazine because they published an exclusive feature yesterday that you can check out here. Danny and I will be working together many more times so consider this the beginning of a long and beautifully photographed story. 

SCOPE New York {#tbt}

For my first blog installation of #tbt (Throwback Thursday for the un-tech/acronym savvy out there like my dad who didn't know what "idk" was; oh the irony....) I'm going back two weeks ago to the SCOPE New York show because I have only now had time to sit down and organize this gigantic visually captivating post and write these short but sweet lines of really utter nothingness because what can you say about an art show that isn't apparent in the art itself? Well a few things because I'm obviously still writing but I will be brief: SCOPE New York is not SCOPE Miami Beach. The crowd is different, the weather is clearly different and most importantly the art is different. To me SCOPE New York was an exquisite mixture of contemporary art in such a wide variety of mediums that it truly makes you appreciate how far art has expanded its boundaries in the past century. I couldn't tell you my favorite piece because every time I turned the corner I saw something that I hadn't seen the day before that I became completely infatuated with, thus this image heavy post. That said let me quit with the chit chat get to the art already.

Set-up day
Left: Peter Demetz for WHITE ROOM/Liquid Art System  | Right: 11.12 Gallery 
Fabien Castanier Gallery
Left: Krause Gallery | Right: Fabien Castanier Gallery
Elizabeth Clement Fine Arts
Alexander Krivoshoiw, L-Fusion

Even the people attending and working for SCOPE embraced the fair by becoming vessels for displaying artistic jewelry, accessories and turning themselves into walking art pieces. 

Kerry Miller courtesy of Lawrence Cantor Fine Art 
Digital and interactive art piece by Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic courtesy of See | Me 
L'Inlassable Galerie 
Art Mur
Left: Banksy courtesy of Art Now NY | Right: Speedy Graphito courtesy of Fabien Castanier Gallery

The final image below is a perfect metaphor for how I felt after the end of SCOPE New York. Exhausted but happy with a smile on my face not only because I was greeting people as they came in but also because, well, I was genuinely happy to be surrounded by amazing art and meeting a myriad of intriguing art enthusiasts like myself. However my vision was quite blurred by closing day and I did lose my voice completely for 4 days but you do what you gotta do and when it comes to art I'm pretty much willing to do anything. If you weren't able to make it out to SCOPE New York we missed you dearly and I hope that this post was a small insight on what happened in those 5 days and don't forget that you can visit us in Basel, Switzerland June 17-22 or Miami Beach in December

VIMM Gallery 

All pictures courtesy of myself or SCOPE Art Show

The Lines of Life

"I am for an art that takes its form from the lines of life, 
that twists and extends impossibly and accumulates and spits and drips, 
and is sweet and stupid as life itself."

-Claes Oldenburg

Some photos from my recent adventures in New York. Thinking more and more about how everything in my life can be a work of art and how incredible it is that you really can learn something new (mentally, spiritually, whatever it may be) in every moment if you just pay attention. Good art is something that makes you feel and I'm feeling a lot these days. Currently in the process of creating moodboards for photo shoots I am working on but just wanted to share this beautiful quote I came upon the other day in conjunction with the lines of my own life.