Celestial Breathing

These past few weeks have been so busy I haven't had any time to take photos, least of all time to blog about them. For me this is like cutting off an artery as this blog and my photos are such an integral part of my life now that I've been doing this for almost 2 years. So one very groggy morning after a long non-stop working week when my body was beyond over-exhausted it randomly just decided to wake up and unwillingly go back to sleep at 8 am despite my 3 am bedtime. I was walking to the bathroom and saw this magnificent light reflecting off the floor. Next thing I knew I was setting up my camera on the tripod, throwing my dress over my head and rolling all over the floor.

I had no idea what I was doing or why or what I wanted to get out of this experience other than I wanted to embrace the light.
Feel it's warmth within my skin, the matted curls, feeble bones and overwhelming soul. 
I wanted to unveil a mystery that I myself don't understand but am constantly trying to wrap my head around. 
There is a quote I came across recently that I can't stop thinking about, "It's just a feeling I've got. Like something's about to happen but I don't know what." 

Celestial breathing of the universe. 
The visible about us seems to rest in itself. 
Its as though our vision were formed in the heart of the visible, or as though there were between it and us an intimacy as close as between the sea and the strand. 
There is a ramification of my body and a ramification of the world and a correspondence between its inside and my outside, between my inside and it's outside. 
The thickness of the body, far from rivaling that of the world, is on the contrary the sole means I have to go unto the heart of the things, 
by making myself a world and by making them flesh.