NYFW Style Sightings

As I mentioned in yesterday's post this past weekend I had the pleasure of finding myself at the Lincoln Center for Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. No, I did not attend any shows (this season) but I did take full advantage of the influx of people showing up in their finest and fiercest dud's and photographed the shit out of them. There were so many beautifully and challengingly dressed people and then there were people who would dress in ways that were just so ridiculous in all the worst ways. To say the least you had extremes on both sides and as someone who just moved to New York I had a blast hanging out in front of the shows to see it all happen. Since I have to work during the week I am sadly not able to do this for the entire fashion week but at least I got to spend my weekend watching it all go down and now get to show you all what I saw. This post is dedicated to Saturday and tomorrow will be Sunday. I hope you enjoy and happy NYFW! 

Dana Hurwitz from Bond-Hardware