Brooklyn Style Sightings

These past few weeks I have spent a lot of my time underground for commute to work. With that said it is safe to assume that when I'm not on the subway I'm indoors since I am now working a 9-5 for SCOPE Art Show and the spare time that I do have to document my fellow inhabitants of New York are only on nights and weekends. So I decided to challenge myself to photograph people indoors, outdoors and underground last week; the following photos are the results. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them. I will admit it has been much more difficult photographing people in the city. For example, when someone did notice me shooting them they would either stare me down or tell me that I can't take their photo. Definitely a challenge and why most of my images are of the backs of people's heads but it is something that I greatly look forward to tackling as time continues. 

This girl seriously had me awe struck. My jaw literally dropped as soon as I saw her sitting in front of me when I stepped onto the subway.

Some major inspiration and mood influencing has been happening since my encounter with this alien creature. Hoping that our paths will cross again one day soon.