A Ranting Redhead: NYFW

Firstly let me begin by wishing everyone and I mean EVERYONE, boys, girls, transgender, the I just don't know's, and the in-between's a very very happy and beautiful Valentines Day. You don't need someone in your life to be in a relationship; a relationship with yourself is a life long romance. Now to finish up my coverage of NYFW.......It has now been a few days since my glorious weekend spent running around the outside of the Lincoln Center documenting all of the well dressed and not so well dressed attendees of New York Fashion Week and I felt like this experience deserved a good ranting. This originally aired on Jacked Fashion for my Ranting Redhead series but I really wanted to share it here as well.

Left image by Blonde Bundle; Right image by J. Thomas Productions

It has always kind of urked me hearing about how people will just hang out in front of the fashion shows so they can get photographed by the street style photographers but now that I am here I found myself doing the exact same thing. I mean hell it’s a really smart business move. I go and get to photograph interesting looking people, make a TON of contacts and pass out my business card to people that may have otherwise never met me (or not met me for a very long time), and yes I did get photographed by quite a few people too because fuck, of course I’m going to get all dolled up to go to fashion week. Sadly I didn’t go to any of the shows but I work in an industry where 95% of your resume is what you wear or better yet how you present yourself and I tried to use this opportunity to prove to some people that do go to the shows that I am worthy of being invited to shows next season. Fingers crossed.

Moving on to my thoughts of what other people were wearing…….I met some amazing creatures that were dressed in ways that had never even crossed my mind. Polka dots with red bell bottoms and converse sneakers; maxi camo printed coats and SpongeBob Squarepants tote bags; metal leg cuffs layered on top of leather harem pants; I could go on but will let the photos speak for themselves. Never the less what I found myself thinking about the whole time though was whether these people always dress this way or if they did it especially for NYFW? 

For me I like to think that I always dress in unexpected ways just like Alaska of Jacked Fashion does (one of the many reasons why we bonded so much).  It is the best way we can express ourselves without words. However as I was hanging around the Lincoln Center and watching this fashion spectacle occur I had the unpleasant feeling that a lot of these people were just scamming me. That this isn’t who they actually are, they are just putting on a show for us and that really pissed me off. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a good show but for those of us that this is our life and passion and are putting our whole heart and soul into it without any monetary support it is so distraughting to feel like someone is just trying on your life for the perks of getting their photo featured in a magazine or on a website/blog.   

Obviously all of this is coming from a very subjective stand-point as no one actually admitted to me that they don’t always dress in these wildly fantastic ways, it is just a musing that I needed to express. I could easily be completely wrong and it would do nothing but please me to be wrong about this as all of the people that I saw gathered at the corner of 63rd and Broadway made my soul flutter and my heart race in ways that I’ve only experienced vicariously through the inter-web. Either way NYFW was a circus that I had a blast attending and despite all of the negative ranting’s people have been voicing these past few years on the fiasco it has become for a young girl coming from a place and a world where these things never existed it was like walking into a dream.

So cheers to the circus and hats off to its performers. May you never lose your colorful spirits and if you are scamming all of us I hope that you find the courage to dress like a fashion freak in your day-to-day life like those of us that find our quintessence in this very troubled and complex medium.

Yours truly,

A Ranting Redhead