It Was Written On The Walls

And on the streets, and sidewalks and doors and bridges and sometimes even cars. I am so inspired by all of the graffiti in this city and it just makes me infuriated to see the majority of the people around me taking the all-black-everything route instead of allowing their soul to be infused by this incredible street art. Don't get me wrong I have definitely had my all black clothing moments but when I wear color I feel incredible. Like a brightly shining light bulb or (and I use this word fully aware of the ridiculous negative connotations it has gotten in the fashion world) a peacock. That said I have also been listening to a lot of Beyonce, specifically 'Partition' and 'Bow Down/Flawless'. Let's just say walking down the street in a wildly colorful outfit, strutting your shit to Queen B and passing street corner after street corner of vibrant and outrageous designs that juxtapose the urban bleakness of the winter weather is definitely more than enough to get me excited each morning.