In the Neighborhood

People always say that New York will change you but I've always felt that New York would be the one place that I didn't have to change a thing about me. I could wear my bright yellow pants with a pink fox fur hanging off the side and it would be totally acceptable. Not even that but no on would even flinch or make strange faces as I walk past them with my head held high. Well I have officially lived in New York for a week now and I was completely right although I have not worn my bright yellow pants and fox fur tail yet but that will soon change, in fact I'm going to put it on right now. I haven't gotten the chance to really get lost in the city yet but I have been browsing my neighborhood every chance I get. This is my first time ever being in Brooklyn and I absolutely love it! Everyone is around my age and if they aren't an artist then they hang out with artists which is just as good to me. I will admit on the topic of clothing that 75% of the people are all wearing black and muted colors (myself included until I get the rest of my wardrobe shipped to me) but it's really that 25% of people that make this neighborhood so interesting and exciting. It's as though every corner you turn there is a new discovery to behold, a new muse to take in, an adventure to be explored and I can't help myself from exploring more and more even when the rain is pouring down and my feet hurt so much I can no longer wiggle my toes from numb-ness. There will be much much more on my feelings of the city and it's effects on my personal style as time goes on but for now here are some snaps of other people's style. I do need to create a new FIU Style Sightings but for New York, any suggestions for names?