Bedford Avenue

Since I have not started any job yet I've had quite a bit of time on my hands to be able to really browse my neighborhood and the people in it. Like I mentioned before it is so inspiring to find the handful's of people that dress in ways that make your jaw drop but on the other hand I feel like everyone I have seen in New York is absolutely beautiful. Not fashion magazine, beauty campaign beautiful but just down to earth, knowing exactly who they are and what they want out of life beautiful. It's not the kind of beauty that you try to have it's the kind that you earn by loving yourself and pushing yourself each day at a time. Outside of the people I am in awe of the street art here as well. Graffiti art on the streets of Miami and 2nd avenue is nothing new but it's completely different territory compared to the wheat pasting I've discovered on every corner in Brooklyn. The colors and humorous designs make walking the streets on a miserably bleak day surprisingly playful and up beat. These photos are from my adventures on the streets recently, today I woke up to snow so you can assume where I'll be all day (snowman, parks, photos, snow ball fights perhaps...New York peeps hit me up if you care to join).