It has officially been a full 24 hours since I graduated from FIU and the aftermath has me feeling bittersweet. Tuesday afternoon I walked down the aisle and got a piece of paper that says I'll be getting my actual diploma in the mail and no less than 12 hours later I was packing up the last of my dorm room and in a car driving towards Savannah, GA. The entire car ride I was either asleep since I didn't get any the night before or I was crying for everything I was leaving behind; friends, dearly loved ones, beautiful sunsets and the city of Miami that has given me more opportunity and growth than any other city has. I am so excited for what the future holds but for now I'm still in a state of bittersweet agony. The next two weeks are going to be a whirlwind of traveling throughout the South to see family for the holidays and packing for my next move to New York but in the meantime below you will find a little photo diary of what my life has been consisting of for the most recent two weeks; mostly spending time with loved ones, going to art walks and art shows, doing final photo shoots with my favorite photographers and taking in the gorgeous skies of the city.  Much more to come in the upcoming days so be sure to check back in.