I'm Not From Around Here

If you follow me on instagram you are already well aware that I recently got together with Alaska from Jacked Fashion and ended up collaborating on a very interesting photo shoot together that involved lots of day drinking from jugs of wine, 90's throw back music and of course polaroids. There was no plan, no organizing, just pure and genuine fun. This was my first time actually getting to hang out with Alaska in a non pre-planned work situation and I could not be more grateful for her welcoming me into her home and filling my life with so much joy and inspiration. I was already inspired by this girl as you may know after my interview with her but after this experience there are no words for my feelings towards her. Instead of being the photographer as I usually am I let Alaska take the rings as I got to play dress up in her overflowing closet and dance the day away. This series is very different than anything else I've ever done before and I really like it for those exact reasons. It's not posh, it's not high production and perfect skin or even perfect lighting. It's just really fucking honest and personal, both qualities that are at the core of Jacked Fashion. With all that said I present a very psychedelic and completely Jacked editorial, Im noT frOm ARouNd hEre