A few weekend's ago I was asked by a friend from school to be her model for a day of shooting for her photo classes. I of course obliged because her work is absolutely gorgeous and I've been dying for her to ask me so it was no surprise when I feel madly in love with the results. We traveled to Homestead, aka the boondocks of South Florida, and happen to come across a huge patch of overgrown daisies on the side of the road. I always enjoy being photographed by someone else who's vision I respect as it not only inspires me but gives me the opportunity to look at things from a different perspective. I would have never shot myself the way that Sabrina did if I had come to this location on my own but I really love the way that she captured me within the environment. It has really gotten me obsessed with my hair as the main focus of my own photos recently and reconsidering the way that I frame my self-portraits with the scale of the environment in relation to my figure to provide a more interesting narrative. You'll probably see me incorporating this into my photos a lot in the future now. Well anyways I hope you all enjoy our work together and if you want to see more of Sabrina's romantic photography just click here.