FIU Style Sightings

Amada Garcia "I just got this skirt for sale."
Gabriel Gomez "I cut my hair on Saturday for this whole renewal of my persona and I felt like this shirt represented what I'm going for. It makes me happy."
Lizmarie Castro "I was just in a good mood. I felt like lookin' pretty."
Erik Wilson "It was clean."
Jazmine Jackson "I just wanted to be comfortable but fashionable."
Berjonia Brumaire "I was like, 'I'm gonna stop being a bum', dress for success."
Drew Jones "Actually, I'm going to an audition for a fashion show on campus."
Kiana Shine "It's kinda breezy outside and so I just wanted to wear white."
Andrew Asuncion "I just did it."
Evelyne Zapata "I wanted to wear my boots so I just worked around that."