FIU Style Sightings: Interview

Miami is not the type of city that you would expect to find someone walking around in full Japanese fashion attire so when I met freshman art major Thais Torquez I immediately became intrigued. I had seen her on three separate occasions always dressed with careful consideration  making sure her socks matched her jewelry and back pack and that the color of her shoes were the same shade as her dress and hair bows. Her outfits look more like cos play costumes rather than what we here in America would consider "normal clothes".  I've featured her a few times on FIU Style Sightings but I wanted to take the time and carefully pick her brain about her thoughts on style, fashion and art so when she agreed to let me interview her with a smiley face text I couldn't have been more excited. Her answers were surprisingly well thought out and her inspiration comes from the most unlikely of places. 

If you can how would you describe your style?

I’m really inspired by magical things like fairies and Greek mythology and I try to look as alternative as possible. I’m also really into the Japanese Lolita culture.

Did you have a moment in your life that you realized you wanted to start dressing more alternatively?

My entire life I’ve struggled with a lack of self-confidence and around senior year of high school I realized I was tired of dressing in a way that people would like me. I was always into Japanese fashion and when I came out of a deep depression I decided to start dressing the way I wanted and it made me feel so beautiful. The first time I wore my Lolita dress was to my sister’s friend birthday party and I felt so beautiful and happy and I didn’t care about the snide comments that some people would make.

What did you wear?

A puffy sleeved dress with a print of squirrels having a birthday party on the front. It seemed appropriate. 

How would you describe your relationship with clothing?

When I’m in jeans and a t-shirt I don’t feel like I’m myself, but when I’m in something more elaborate I feel free.

Thais's bedroom
Who are your favorite artists?

Hieronymus Bosch’s painting The Garden of Earthly Delights.  There’s so much detail and weirdness to it that I like to incorporate into my style. When I saw the one without the figures in it at The Frost it almost made me cry because it was still such an incredible and weird and amazing painting. I'm also really into other art movements like Surrealism, Venetian Renaissance, Rococo and Baroque. 

Even though you've mentioned that you're inspired by the Japanese Lolita culture are there other things that inspire the way that you get dressed?

The Lolita movie, both versions, Blade Runner, Clockwork Orange. I love old music like Pink Flloyd, Genesis and Kate Bush. Whenever I’m feeling sad, romantic or anything really I always listen to her. Oh! I’m also really inspired by video games like Final Fantasy and Fallout. And of course anything Japanese fashion related like Fruits. I love too many things. 

If you had to describe your style in one word.....


What do you think the difference is between fashion and style?

You know I never really thought the two were separate but I guess I think style is what you’re not pressured to look like. To express the self. Fashion is whatever is popular in the masses.

If it were the last day on Earth what would you wear?

Full out Lolita because it makes me feel like a princess and if it’s the last day on Earth damn it, I’m gonna be a princess.