FIU Style Sightings

It was a surprisingly busy past few days and that combined with rain every afternoon I wasn't able to get too many street style photos so this week is a collection of photos from the past few weeks. I don't have anything else to say in particular beyond that so I'll let the students speak for themselves.

Jeremy Hunter "I felt like standing out."
Kiarra Washington "First day of school so I wanted to look nice."
Anastasia Denysiuk "I wanted to dress appropriately for college life."
Edgar Sanchez "It was raining so I wanted to wear my boots and worked up from there."
Suleman Dawood "I was in a hurry."
Keysel Pelaez "Essentially trying without trying."
Jesse Fontus "This shirt was the first thing I saw and I worked around that."
Grace Frawley "It was time to wear this jacket."