FIU Style Sightings

There has been a plethora of people to take pictures of the first two weeks of school thus far. I feel like there are already an overload of pictures in this post and the last and yet have still left so many out. I don't know if this is just the result of me opening up my eyes finally or it is simply our psychological need to impress people at the beginning of the semester and then slowly decline in our lack of care as the months move on; only time will tell. 

For the past few weeks I have begun asking students what made them get dressed in their outfit that day. The responses have been quite interesting really. Sometimes it is purely a desire for comfort, sometimes it's the only thing that was clean and other's are responses that I would have never expected. I think I will continue doing this as I find it to be an extremely effective way to understand the individual a little more and their relationship with the way their outfits in a more personal yet still distant manner. Also on a side note I was recently interviewed by Chasseur Magazine about my blog and other art outlets. Check it out here.

Katelyn Ocampo "It was the first thing I saw."
Alexia Stark "I was feeling really bloated today."
Reginald Justilien, "I wasn't feeling too bright and wanted to have something around my waist."
Ruth Thompson "I didn't know what to wear."
Aurelia Luchkan "I was thinking of my favorite character Elizabeth in Bioshock."
Kris-Ann Grant "This is my style; very hip hop funk." 
Dustin Depina "I'm cool as fuck and this is just how I dress."
"Why do you think you're cool as fuck?"
"'Cus I have a state of mind and a mentality that not many people have."
Sierra Manno "I usually just start with one piece and work from there." 
Najee Turnbull "It was random really, I just like blue."
Drew Jones "I woke up and just instantly knew I wanted to wear this. I think I dreamed this last night."
"What did you dream about?"
"My mom weirdly enough."