Sweet Home Savannah

I started my summer by spending a week at home in Savannah and I ended my summer by spending a little less than a week at home in Savannah. Although both trips may have been to the same place the experience on both of them were on two extremes of the spectrum. If you look back through my archive to the beginning of May you will find that I was in a much more depressing state of mind and you can see that through most of the photos. This time around I was in the complete opposite state of mind with an open heart and even more open eyes. 

The plan was to spend a day roaming around Savannah with my boyfriend and then go camping for two days but as always things didn't quite work out that way and we ended up spending two days roaming around Savannah and camping for one day on Anastasia Island. No complaints as I had a wonderful time and got to spend a little more time with my family, force my baby sisters to dance in smoke bombs, watch the sunset on Tybee Island, set off more smoke bombs in my backyard while watching the sunrise, creep on a mother deer and her doe with my telephoto lens and take a TON of polaroids that will be in my other massive photo post tomorrow. For now click the 'Read More' link below to see a collection of mine and my boyfriends digital round-up of our summer vacation. (Note: I tried to keep the photos in chronological order as much as possible just so you know.)

On a side note I woke up this morning to find this photo of the forest in Savannah accepted by Photo Vogue; my first landscape accepted by them. To say the least I am very very happy. Don't forget to check in tomorrow to see my trip through Polaroids!