Sweet Home Savannah {Polaroids}

As I said yesterday I took a ton of polaroids on my vacation to Savannah and I wanted to share them in a separate post because I felt like the experience of my trip through them has a completely different feel. The way that I shoot digitally and with film is very different. For one with digital I know that I can take a plethora of shots of random things and not be worried about not having enough space on my memory card where as with film as I read somewhere once, "Film makes you learn to value every shot you take." I completely agree with this statement. With these polaroids for example which were taken with a Polaroid Land Camera and with expired film, thus the color distortion, I was limited to ten pictures per cartridge and only had 6 cartridges. This made me very picky about what I wanted to take pictures of and as a result I think you can see the difference in the way that I shot digitally and with film through not only the aesthetic of the mediums but also with the way I framed things and chose my subjects. Maybe this is just me reaching for something deeper that isn't even there, any thoughts? Either way please enjoy this final Savannah photo madness by clicking Read More.