Self As Source

For the past 6-7 weeks I have been working on ways to present essentially what I am talking about here on the blog in a gallery so I can graduate in December with my fine art degree. At the end of last spring semester I presented to my school faculty my blog as my art work and although they liked the idea of the blog they did not like the idea of a blog in a gallery. For that reason I have been beating my head against a brick wall trying to come up with different installation ideas and this very intense collage you see below is what my latest creation is. 

To give you a brief outline of what is happening here in this installation I am creating an anthropological collection of found items, video and photo documentation of the synesthetic experiences that I have on a day to day basis that result in the way that I dress myself and ultimately create and express my identity. In today's culture every individual is like a walking collage or artwork of found items, similar to a contemporary art installation. Here I have created a contemporary art installation of random things in my room, pages from my sketchbook, magazine pages, jewelry, paint, flowers, so on and so forth that examines the understanding of my own identity that I expressed through my outfit on one particular day. Projected on top of this massive collage representing the inspiration and influences behind this one outfit is a video of me getting dressed in that exact same outfit.

This video is just one snippet of the installation as I was not able to get a steady shot of the full piece since I had forgotten to bring my tripod with me that day. I definitely feel like this is something you have to experience in person but I thought it would only be fair to share what I have been working on for school and graduation and would love to hear anyone's feedback if there is any to give. Other than the lack lusting video there are some close-up's of bits and pieces of the installation below. I hope you all enjoy.