FIU Style Sightings

Ladies and gentleman, it's that time of year again. A time when freshman are seen scurrying around in a frantic daze, seniors are also seen scurrying around in a determined and overwhelmed daze and everyone else is pretty much just riding the wave. Most importantly though, to me at least, is that in these first few weeks of school everyone from first years to grad students are seen spending a reasonable amount of time on their sartorial presentation making some great eye candy for the rest of us and of course for FIU Style Sightings.

A few week's ago in my last installment of FIU Style Sightings for the summer I got a very interesting comment from a reader who mentioned that I tend to lean towards photographing students that wear more artistic and funky outfits rather than a variety of styles like preppy, skater, hip hop influence, rich kids who look poor and poor kids who look rich. At first I was taken back by this comment but as I went through my photos I realized that they were completely right and from a psychological point of view it made sense that I would photograph people that dress the way that I dress. However from a sociological point of view it is extremely unfair of me to only photograph people who dress the way that I dress and act like those are on the only style sightings happening at FIU. So with all of that said I will try my very best this year to feature a wider variety of stylish students outside of the artistic funky ones and if you see me falling into my old rut then please call me out!

Michelen Hearn "I wanted to be comfortable but still feel cute. I wanted to feel nature-like."
Gian Carlo "Easy to wear and easy on the eyes."
Zi Zhang "It was the first thing I saw."
Akeem Todman "I just felt like throwing on some black."
Shani Campbell "I was going to look for a job so I wanted to look sophisticated."
Aymun Ahmed "It's really hot and this is a light material and looked nice."
Ceressa Feeman "I wanted something just chill and neutral; fresh first day."
Sierra Manno "I start with one piece and work up from there."
Thais Torquez "I wanted to stand out and this is what I feel comfortable in."