Color Fest Inspiration

Last week my college decided to randomly have a huge ColorFest party to celebrate the announcement of which musicians will be performing at our Homecoming in October (it's going to be Zeed and J Cole!!!). At this Colorfest students were given bags of colored powder and asked to just party their asses off in the middle of the day in the middle of the week (it was a Wednesday). I had completely forgotten about this party and didn't remember it was happening until I started seeing a ton of students walking around campus covered in mixed colored powdered. Sadly I didn't have the right lens on me but the sun was setting and I didn't have time to go back to my room to switch them out so I worked with what I had. With that said even though I was completely exhausted from only having had 3 hours of sleep the day before and a full day of classes earlier I managed to get a few photos that I liked and left with a large dosage of inspiration for my personal style and other creative projects that I will tell you more about soon enough. Summer classes just ended for me today and I plan on spending the beginning/end of my summer feeling as awesome as everyone does in these pictures, I hope you all do too.