She Is Alive

To be beautiful is a lonely thing. You are put on a pedistool and separated from the rest of society. People think that because you are beautiful - beauty based on arbitrary standards - then you must be happy and loved by all but in fact it is quite the opposite. People are intimidated by your beauty and you spend most of your life alone, melancholy and burdened by your physical appearance.

So I have cultivated myself to be more than just beauty through skin, hair and bones. Love me not because of how I physically look but because of how I spiritually look. Because there are stars in my eyes and glitter in my hair. Because I dance when there is no music being played. Because my soul is bright and boiling over. Love me not because I am beautiful but because I am alive. 

This is a preview of an amazing video that myself, Alex Jaramillo, Antonio Diaz and Kevin Smilez filmed last weekend for a special and unique artist collaboration. I could never have done it without such an incredible and supportive team. The video will be complete and ready to debut soon but for now take in all the glory that is sparklers, smoke bombs and passionate souls and most of all remember to love people not for their physicality but for their spirituality. Anyone can be beautiful but not everyone is alive.