For over a year now I have been in the possession of this polaroid bad boy but sadly never had the right batteries to make it work. I finally got some batteries shipped to me a few week's ago and have been shooting like crazy or as crazy as I can with a limited supply of film. 

On the one hand it is extremely inspiring to look at the world through a new lens, literally, and a blue filter that comes with the expired film but on the other it is very annoying to only be able to get a handful of the shots that I want to get because I can't zoom in and am limited to photographing in very specific lighting situations due to the nature of the camera. You win some you lose some, right? Overall I feel like there is something very nostalgic about these polaroid pictures. Like you are suddenly looking at a moment in the distant past even though it was just a few minutes ago. I must admit I do miss shooting film and being able to have a picture in my hand to hold. I mean of course I can always get my digital pictures printed but the feeling just isn't quite the same. There's something kind of magical about film, a je ne sais quoi quality to it. Luckily I got my batteries in time to take some film with me to New York so below you will find my favorite polaroids that came out of rolls I shot in Miami and in New York.