New York Diary

Yes you are reading correctly, this is a post dedicated to my New York visual diary. Last Wednesday through Friday I got the chance to spend a whole 36 hours in the city of my dreams. Sadly it was supposed to be a 48 hour trip but some bitches at air traffic control thought it would be really funny to fuck with our flights and delay us by close to a day but thankfully I have the most amazing parents in the world and they managed to book us another flight before all hope was lost. I was supposed to be up there photographing a private concert with Rosanne Cash but since our (our being my brothers and I) flights got so delayed I ended up not making it to the concert which turned my work trip into a pleasure trip. This photo diary is chronological and a variety of i-phone and DSLR pictures so excuse the pixelation in some of the images. 

Other than that here's a quick run down of how my trip went: as soon as I landed in the city near to midnight I quickly freshened up in the hotel and met up with my childhood friend (and when I say childhood I mean this girl literally saw me shitting in my diapers at pre-school; that's probably to much information...) and we spent the entire night bar hopping. The next day was a blur of lunch at The Plaza, roaming around Central Park, roaming around The Met, drinking wine in our hotel room as we watched the sunset over the city and then partying the night away on a rooftop. The next day my brothers and I had to fly back to South Florida for work and boy (literally) do I have a huge post of behind the scenes photo's from my job coming up for you guys later this week. If you've been following me on instagram (@elegantidiosyncrasy) you already know all about it but if not you'll be in for a treat. For now enjoy all that is utopia through my eyes. 

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