Goddess Gear

After yesterday's post discussing how we are embarking on a period where the artist does not have to be marginalized into just one field of work I thought that this look book I helped create for my friend Pascale Theard several weeks ago would be appropriate to share. 

I was asked if I would conceptualize and photograph an editorial series of images for her body jewelry line Goddess GearThe original plan was to hire a separate model but after much discussion and deliberation we decided that my look was more what she was going for than any one else we were able to find and in turn I became the model as well. Although we shot a completely different look for the first piece of body jewelry it was really the second sultry Black Dahlia series that I wanted to share here. The hair stylist really blew us away when he began to spray my hair down hard core with dry shampoo and then proceed to layer baby powder on top of it, ultimately making me want to officially dye my hair white. It also brought an entirely new essence of dark whimsy and other worldliness that we were aiming for. As for the photos I want to share a disclaimer that I did not take these photos. In fact Orestes, the hair/mua clicked the button and I went back and forth helping creatively direct them while also modeling. Take that as you may. However I did do all of the post production editing that you see below but it was truly a team collaboration. Without Pascale on set making sure the jewelry and clothing was sitting where it should, Orestes making sure the hair and makeup was as it should be and myself modeling and making sure the photos were coming out how I had imagined none of this could have been possible. Now that's enough chit chat or today, let's get to the pictures already.

Creative Director: Ashley Garner 
Jewelry Designer: Pascale Theard
Hair/MUA: Orestes de la Paz

To see more of Pascale's work you can visit her website here.