FIU Style Sightings

It's been a few weeks since I have had an FIU Style Sightings feature and it's not that there aren't amazingly stylish people lurking campus but simply that I have been so busy that I have not taken the time to document them. For this I apologize not only to you my readers but to my FIU Style Sightings. Your wonderful outfits have not been neglected, simply not documented and I promise to put in more effort for the rest of the summer (unless of course it is so hot that I can't even step outside for more than 5 minutes without feeling like I may pass out from a heat stroke or hurricane season stops me from bringing my DSLR outside). But these are all minute details and for the mean time I have what I consider to be a good crop of photos for everyone to enjoy today. 

To start off I have several photos of one my favorite students to document, Keysel Pelaez. Consistently he impresses me with his vintage finds. On this particular day he was wearing baggy trousers rolled up Huckleberry Finn Style with suspenders that none of these pictures show off well; paired with a floral vest and a scarf as a neck accessory. At that particular moment I found him shoe-less enjoying an afternoon read under the canopy but as I came up to say goodbye I saw his brown ankle boots under the table and of course had to snap a quick picture of them only so I could imagine what it would have looked like had I seen him somewhere else around campus in full attire. Hands down Keysel has some of the best men's style I have ever seen and you would never guess that he's a biology major. His confidence and pure joy of expression radiates through his ensembles and provides me with so much inspiration for thrift dressing. I promise this is not an endorsed raving on Keysel's style just something that I felt the need to share after having photographed him for almost a year now. 

Talebee Alexander rocking the permanent accessory: tattoos. Read more about this in my CollegeFashionista article this week

Alex Haniff