BOY London: Behind the Scenes

As I mentioned yesterday this past weekend I was given the incredible opportunity to work for none other than clothing line BOY London. I don't really model anymore but when stylist Alaska Mangialetto and model Sunamys Villalba asked if I would be interested in modeling for BOY London's swimwear campaign how could I possibly say no?! So as soon as I de-boarded my flight from New York I went straight into hair and make-up for day 1 of what would be a 2 day extravaganza. We were lucky enough to get photographer and my babe Carlos Morales to photograph these wonderful behind the scenes images. On set was myself, stylist Alaska aka Jacked Fashion, Sunamys Villalba, photographer Al De Perez, and owners of BOY London Gareth Long and Sick Bwoy. 

Instagram shot from BOY London
All behind the scenes images above taken by Carlos Morales
Day 2 of BOY London began with the second part of the swimwear campaign shot on South Beach in company with the amazing model Rivi Madison and a Four Loko. As soon as the shoot ended the models and Alaska went out to dinner and then got prepped for the Club Boy Miami party at The Garret/Grand Central that evening. Sadly Carlos was not able to join us for this day so all I have is shitty i-phone and instagram pictures along with a few shots by the fabulous Jipsy Nefarious for Miami New Times to give you all an idea of what this experience was like.  At the party Rivi and I modeled aka partied with Ben Washburn and DJ Grace Jones. To describe this BOY London weekend in a coherent sentence is very difficult as I am still recovering from all the surreal-ness as I am typing this so I will let the photos speak for themselves. Hopefully soon I will have the swimwear campaign photos to share with you all soon but for now this will have to do.  

One last photo of me after I changed out of my BOY London attire by Jipsy Nefarious. Lookin' so cute so I had to share.